Première Property Management Services, Inc. is controlled and managed

by Brent and JoAnn Graham.  



They are supported by a strong team of

Senior Managers, Community Managers, Accountants and Administrators

Pierre Bellini - pierre@premierepm.ca

Beverly Dalley Scott - bev@premierepm.ca

Patricia Seed - patricia@premierepm.ca

Anne Duffield - anne@premierepm.ca

Farid Salloum - farid@premierepm.ca

Diane Compaore - diane@premierepm.ca

Candace Babineau - candace@premieregrp.ca

Brooke Edwards - brooke@premierepm.ca

Cindy McIsaac - cindy@premierepm.ca

Trish Janz - trish@premierepm.ca

​Michelle Hede - michelle@premierepm.ca

"The Innovative Concept Team"

Personalized Management Services


Quality Maintenance Options