About the Première Group

PPS Building Services, formerly known as JB Flortec Ltd., is an Alberta born and operated company that was formed in 2000.  With our background consisting of renovation and construction, we entered the Property Maintenance industry in 2008.

Première Property Management Services Inc. first opened its doors in February 2015, primarily targeting multi-family residential communities.  Since our inception, we have partnered with residential developers, condominium corporations and a fully vetted group of vendors. 

In 2016, PPS Building Services merged with Première Property Management Services Inc, forming the
Première Group.  We are now “The Innovative Concept Team”.  Personalized Management Services & Quality Maintenance Options.  This partnership consists of a strong management team and an equally strong maintenance team, giving us great advantages in this changing industry.

We are a concept company, offering innovative options for properties of all sizes.  Our vision for the future includes working with commercial real-estate and multi-family communities.

Première Group’sgoal is to be a successful and efficient Full Service Management Company by providing efficient property management and quality maintenance to our clients and their residents.  In order to do so, we offer comprehensive services which can be customized to meet your needs. We have established a solid understanding of building systems, efficient maintenance solutions, and long-standing relationships with reliable contractors and trades across the Edmonton area.

Première Group is very concerned with the maintenance of your property.  Property management and proper maintenance plays an integral part in the protection of the property and the retention value for all owners. 

Your home is our first priority to ensure you have peace of mind.

"The Innovative Concept Team"

Personalized Management Services


Quality Maintenance Options